Just Passin' Through ... Find and Be Found!

Welcome to Canada's new advertising site Just Passin Through! We are here to help promote every town across Canada! So show them what your town has to offer by posting ads for local events, fundraisers, local business,real estate, classes, tours, attractions and so much more! There are alot of costs in spreading the word for our new site so any help is much appreciated.
Enjoy new free local advertising on Just Passin Through.ca.

JPT Canada is run just like a local business. We appreciate your ads and would like to donate a portion of sales back to each and every town. We would like to help out kids sports teams, schools and other small causes in your area. Thank you for using our site to promote Canada!

 Canadian ads only please! Ads that do not obide by our Terms and Conditions will be deleted at our own discretion....enjoy!

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