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Woods and Water Taxidermy and Guide Services

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We take pride in all we do, whether it is Taxidermy, Guiding, managing our Hunting Club, or raising our familys. It is important for us to spend time with our teaching them about the outdoors.

Our success comes from countless hours spent in the outdoors, studying wildlife beauty and behavior. We have also spent many years in Taxidermy competitions to reach the Masters Division.

We love what we do and hope that we can pass some of our enthusiasm on to you.
What To Expect

*Professional honest Customer Service

*High quality and reliable equipment

*Knowledgeable and safe guides 

*High Quality Taxidermy work

*High Success rates in our guided hunts

*Ethical and well planned hunting trips 

*Top Notch Boats and decoys and various other equipment  


What We Do Differently


What sets us apart in this industry is we do this as a full time career.  We work 6-7 days a week every month of the year.  We continually re-invest money back into the business up grading our equipment and other supplies.  We try to offer the best of the best equipment available every year to our clients in all aspects of our guiding business.  We take what we do very seriously.  When you come on a guided hunt with us, professionalism is number one.  Were not here inviting all our buddies down on hunts and then bringing a few clients with us.  I see that all the time in this industry and that doesn't go on here.  We are out with clients only and they all get our full and undivided attention.  Were a premium service and take care of everything from start to finish.  Were very selective in who we take on our trips and who we pair up on our waterfowl hunts with others when they don't have a group large enough.  Safety and comfort are number one when we are out in the field.  If we feel in our scouting the success of the hunt may not be that successful, we do reschedule hunts when we can and try and up the success for our clients.  We have been in the industry now for around 25 years, and have the knowledge and drive to bring you out consistently on very successful hunts.  Obviously we are hunting wild game and can't control everything all the time.  But with dedicated scouting and countless hours in the field, we carry a well above success rate in all we do.                 



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Campbellford, Ontario
35 Tanner Rd

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